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Corbin Primary School
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Welcome to the 16-17 school year at Corbin Primary School!

by Travis Wilder on 06/16/16

It is hard to believe that our new facility opened in 2008 and we are just as excited today as we were 8 years ago to welcome your child to Corbin Primary!  It’s an important step in any child’s life to embark on one of their greatest endeavors…their education.  Our new vision statement details our mission which is “Enriching the lives of our students by cultivating a life-long love of learning, discovery, and citizenship.”  Many parents of incoming Kindergarten students ask what they should be working on to prepare for Kindergarten.  Each year, we conduct a Brigance screening which lets us know which children are ready for Kindergarten, who may not quite be ready and which students are ready for enrichments.  Below are few things you can work on to prepare:


·         Personal Info:  knows first and last name, age, birthday including month and day, phone number and street address

·         Parts of the body:  thumbs, fingernails, chin, chest, elbows, and shoulders

·         Gross Motor skills:  stands on each foot for ten seconds (with and without eyes closed) and walks backward

·         Visual Motor:  draws and X, square, rectangle, triangle and diamond

·         Print:  can print first and last name

·         Recites alphabet…without singing it

·         Sorts objects by size, color, and shape

·         Counting: counts by groups of 10…1-10, 11-20, etc.

·         Matches quantities:  example-Two apples=2

·         Determines total of two sets:  2 dots and 1 dot equals 3 dots

·         Reads uppercase letters

·         Reads lowercase letters

·         Can tell the parts of a book:  front and back, text goes left to right and top to bottom

·         Verbal fluency:  uses sentences with at least 5 words and 90% of speech is intelligible


First and Second grade students should continue reading…a lot.  At least 20 minutes a day will be the difference in coming in on grade level and above or falling behind.  The summer always bring regression so stay on top of things and be ready when August rolls around.  Also, keep working with numbers and number concepts.  The key is to be fast which is what we call fluency.  Kids should be able to look at  5+8 and tell you it’s 13 within a second or two.  Flashcards and online programs can help with this.


It’s an exciting time at CPS!  We have new reading interventionists  Robyn Bingham and Jeana Carr who will work closely with Eydie Mills to help struggling readers and we welcome Mrs. Becky West to CPS from London Elementary in Laurel County!  Our partnerships with our families are what helps us to consistently rank as a top school in the state of Kentucky.  Here’s to another great yea!  GO HOUNDS!!! 




Travis Wilder


Corbin Primary School

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Our School Mission and Purpose

by Travis Wilder on 09/18/13

Corbin Primary School is a family of learners,dedicated to the intellectual development, personal growth, and social responsibility of each student. We believe in inquiry as the key educational enterprise, encompassing curiosity, love of learning, intellectual discipline, coreknowledge and skills, and the search for meaning. We believe in the individual as a changing person, capable of learning and growing throughout life. We believe we must prepare ourselves to live and work in a context of constant change; technology, global interdependence and cultural diversity to transform our present, providing crucial opportunities to shape the future. These five beliefs guide our statement of purpose, our vision for the district and the specific learning outcome for each child. Corbin Primary believes it is important to address the social-emotional needs of the child in addition to his/her intellectual needs.

Food Service Information

by Travis Wilder on 07/31/13

As the school year quickly approaches, the food service staff of Corbin Independent Schools is working hard to prepare for the upcoming school year. In an effort to streamline the process of applying for free and reduced meals, an online version of the application (preferred method of submittal) is available at; or
Paper applications are also available in each school’s office. Applications may be turned in to the food service office in person, Monday thru Friday 8am- 4pm. Applications may also be mailed to:

Corbin Ind. Schools Food Service
222Corbin Center Dr.
Corbin, KY 40701

C. Travis Wilder

Message from the Principal
Mr. Travis Wilder