Corbin Primary School
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Corbin Primary School
3551 5th Street Road                  Corbin, KY 40701                 (606) 523-3638
Principal's Message

Mr. Travis Wilder

What are Corbin Primary's operating hours?

The school's doors open at 7:05 AM. School begins at 7:45 AM and ends at 
2:45 PM. Kindergarten Dismissal is at 2:30 p.m.


What is Corbin Primary's configuration?

Corbin Primary is the primary school for the Corbin Independent School 
Although primary is traditionally defined as P1-P4 (K-3), Corbin Primary 
contains P1-P3 (K-2)


What is Corbin Primary's current enrollment?

Current enrollment is 652 students. We have 10 second grade classes, 10 first
grade classes and 9 kindergarten classes.


What literacy and mathematics programs does the school utilize?

Our school uses Rigby Literacy as its primary tool to teach reading. It 
focuses its attention on the individual learning needs of students. In 
mathematics, our school uses Everyday Mathematics. This highly practical, 
application based mathematics program has been very successful in teaching 
children to think mathematically and perform better on various school and 
state assessments.


Can parents volunteer?

Parents are welcome to volunteer. After getting a background check done, 
all approved applicants are put on a list which is made available to 
teachers for review. Any parents planning on going on a field trip to help 
chaperone need to get the background check completed. These forms can be 
picked up at the office.